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Native Coin

Currency Name: UNVS
Ticker: UNVS
Max Supply: 98,000,000
Further Mint: No.
Mining Block Reward: 50 UNVS
Block Span: 5 minutes
Halving: Every 525,600 blocks
Coin Maturity: 100 blocks
Source Code: Git @UnvsCom
Algorithm Scrypt & POW
Protocol: Litecoin Clone


How to Get UNVS

Our Native UNVS coin is currently only available for free, via mining within our wallet interface.

This is subject to change due many potential variables but most likely in the event that there is ever increased user demand along with an increased mining hash rate, to a level where it may be easier to purchase UNVS from someone who has successfully mined UNVS.

✪ If you are a market marker who would like to offer our coin, then feel free to contact us to discuss any potential opportunities.



We do not imply or provide any investment advice.

Our UNVS native protocol coin is mined for free by Citizens via our native Wallet. The UNVS Ethereum based currency version is a utility token ONLY for entertainment purposes and for use on and within our future Metaverse. 

UNVS tokens are not securities, bonds, shares, stables or units in a collective investment scheme, nor take the form of any other financial instruments commonly known as securities of any type within any jurisdiction. 

Both UNVS currencies (Native & Token) are not being offered for sale to U.S. persons and are not available for purchase within the United States, Japan, or any other disallowed jurisdictions. Please refer to laws that apply to you personally.

In purchasing either our native UNVS currency or token, you comply, abide and agree to the above and to any further terms set out now or in the future, at our discretion.

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